Mountain Troll (Paper Miniature)

Remember Boromir saying „They have a cave troll”? Well this troll is different.  Mountain trolls are aggresive creatures which can be found patrolling various mountainous areas. 

Mountain Troll Paper Miniature

Trolls regenerate health quickly but are still vulnerable to poisons; they usually use crush weapons. They don’t hit very frequently but they make up for it by having relatively high strength.  Mountain-trolls were very large and had brownish skin.

Mountain Troll Paper Miniature (printed version)

Though grotesque, charmless, and prone to fits of violence, mountain trolls are not inherently evil, nor do they always attack intruders on sight. A mountain troll prefers to withdraw and observe before entering combat, lumbering forth to attack only if intruders make clear their intentions to harm it or its allies, or if the newcomers seem to be encroaching upon the troll’s territory rather than simply passing through. 

Once enraged, a mountain troll is a savage opponent, calling upon its native strength and alliances with elementals to bury its opponents in stone or spread their entrails across the slopes.

Mountain trolls prefer to live in narrow ravines or shallow caves that allow them to look out over the landscape. They sometimes knuckle-walk like a gorilla, but when angered they rear up to their full height of nearly 30 feet.

Mountain trolls are quick to forge alliances with fey, and while they see smaller trolls as sadists, they nonetheless feel a sort of familial responsibility. Lesser trolls often capitalize upon mountain trolls’ generosity, but take care to abide by their larger cousins’ rules when sheltering in their homes. Mountain trolls have even been known to aid explorers or give advice, provided they are treated with respect.

How you want to use this monster? Is he waiting near bridge at mountain pass? Or maybe he is planing to attack whole party?  Please share your ideas in the comments! 


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