A town can have a lot of different things, but it’s best to focus on the points of interest for your adventures. A town to them is a safe place to rest and get supplies, an area to start new quests, and a central hub for them to work on multiple adventure hooks. A good town will act as an anchor and keep your adventures returning to it again and again. Each town should contain the following:

  • A tavern or Inn
  • A blacksmith, leather-smith, or armorers
  • Various specific item shops
  • A general store
  • Craftsmen or Experts in trades
  • Commoners
  • A Town watch or Guard

And how about some action?  Maybe your heros  will:

  • Gather herbs in the woods for the apothecary
  • Find the herdsman’s lost goats
  • Lead a hunter into the woods for a dangerous monster hunt
  • Escort a cart of trade goods out of town past bandit camps
  • Clear out the goblins in the nearby cave
  • Reduce the local wolf population
Town Map Outline
Town Map Day

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