Underground Tunnels Tiles

Hello! This is August bonus for Patrons and all fans of Printable RPG.

I think every DM wonders how to show his players a maze or underground so that players will not know what puzzles and traps await them. One of the simpler and more effective methods is to print the labyrinth and show it piece by piece.  

Underground Tunnels Tiles

„You go deep into the underworld, you are deep underground. You see two possibilities ahead of you – right or left. Which path do you choose?”  

„We are going to the right”  

„Now, you can see that the road turns gently to the left and continues forward …”  

„Let us stop here, let Thariss, our thief, check whether there are any traps on earth before us …”  

„Ok. Who will throw the dice? …”  

Underground Tunnels Tiles

Sounds cool? Now you can build the entire maze the way you want!  What do you have to do to use the underground maze during your adventure?  

1. Plan what maze you want to build (how many elements do you need).  

2. Choose one of the graphics – with a transparent background or white.  

3. Print as many parts of the underground as you need on your home printer.  

4. Cut the unnecessary parts. You can glue the printed parts of the maze on the carton if you want.  

5. Enjoy! 


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