Monster Nesting Grounds Battle Map

The next map you asked for in the survey. A mythical animal living on top of a holy mountain. The locals say it brings luck, but it also happened many times that gryphon attacked a flock that grazed on the slopes.

The locals also say that there are wonderful treasures and magical objects in the nest of the gryphon. Will your team dare to test this place?

„Monster Nesting Grounds” is a large map (30×30), (3500×3500 px) with options: night and day, fog, rain, grid, gridless and outline (also optimized for Roll20 and other Virtual Tabletop).

All the content is registered under the Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial CCBY-NC-SA. This means anyone can use it, share it or modify it. 

It cannot be used commercially. Finally, credit must be given to me as the author, and a link to this web page must be included if it is shared or redistributed.

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