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Thanks for signing up! From now on you will receive maps, monsters and RPG assets from Spellarena – completely FREE of charge! We just want you to be better prepared for your tasks as DM. Stop wasting time searching Internet for hi-quality maps and inspirations for your adventures!

As promised, below you can find the links for your first FREE map packs. Please note that the links lead to our Patreon site, but the map packs are 100% FREE.

Oh, we forgot to introduce ourselves. We are Spellarena: collective of DMs, game designers and artists passionate about RPGs who enjoy creating all kinds ofcontent for fantasy settings. We play RPGs (almost every week) and love rolling diceas much as you do.

We make maps for non-specific fantasy settings, so they will easily drop into yourhomebrew campaigns or slot into pre-constructed campaigns that need a little more content.

If you like the maps and are interested in more, come and suport us on Patreon.

We make a new map every week and our Patrons get high resolution, gridded/gridless, outlines-only, and lots of other versions of each map. On top of that, if you become a patron you get access to every available map at the level you choose (which we think is excellent value).

Thank you! Should you choose to join us, please accept our heart-felt thanks! We hope you are excited as we are to be a part of this community-driven map-making campaign!


How to download a map packs? Just click on the link with the ZIP file next to which there is a clip icon (under the map description text on Patreon)

The Kraken Attacks a Ship (click to download)

Dragon’s Hoard (click to download)

Monster Nesting Grounds (click to download)

Cromlech on A Hanging Rock (click to download)

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