Sand Monster Battle Map

“The scariest thing here? Some would say tremors, but for us, people of this land, we would say silence. We want to belive this one is the worst, but if he will get silent… It would mean something worse woke up and is ready to hunt.”

~ Baahir, Wondering Nomad

Dear Patrons! We present you this month FREE „Sand Monster” [30×30] map pack (19 variants) of archaeological site among ancient ruins in day&night version. Many secrets are buried under the sand – from innocent scrolls to powerful artifacts and shady caves. Surrounded by huge boulders, protected from the wind and sandstorms preserved forgotten evil buried underground. The most interesting point of this map is a deep cavern in the center, hiding the root of all the rumors and legends surrounding this place.

[Do you want to know more? I think THIS description of the monster might help!]

Scientists working here were saying that during night, right after last light is turned off they hear something more than moving ground. Some people were describing this sounds as wispers, another were saying that they heard something wet and slimy, like a tentacle wrapping around their spine.

They don’t even know how close to the truth they are…Our second map shows desert monster in its full glory – Angry, hungry and ready to rumble! With an extra asset where Sand Monster is down you can show your players progression of the fight.

One tentacle down, a lot more to go!This map pack is suitable for various RPGs – D&D, World of Darkness or Call of Cthulhu, so it is up to you how the fight will end. For group of D&D adventurers it might be heroic fight, where barbarian jumps straight into the monster’s jaws, but for CoC investigators it can be manifestation of The Old One.

We hope to have the same joy of playing with it as we did during its creation!

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