Magical Portals Battle Map

Hi everyone! This week’s map is the Magical Portals [30×36] map pack with 99 map variants (!) and 25 assets (ready for Roll20 or your favourite VTT).

“Portals? I had a friend who really hated portals. Unfortunately his spouse was a witch, so he had to get used to them. Do I know where they are now? Dead. Or lost. Either way, the last time I saw them was when they got into one of those shiny rings.
But everytime I see one I still have hope to see their faces”

~​Bard from Waterkeep

World of D&D is full of different planes, where flows of magic are strong and merely few mortals were able to visit them without losing their lives.

But users of magic were able to find paths between them and with the usage of portals they were able to travel great distances in the matter of seconds.
More powerful wizards, witches or warlocks were able to create forking between the planes, creating illusion of bilocation or living two different lives. 

Maybe your party is chasing one of them? Or they got lost in this dimension after blast of wild magic? One thing is for sure – there’re multiple opportunities to get out of this situation! One of these portals is a way back, but where the other leads? Gold, fame, or great danger? Let’s find out!

Map variants
Assets for Roll20

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