Bandit Caves Battle Map

Hey everyone! We have new map this week: „Bandit Caves” [30×38]. This map pack contains 32 variants (gridded, gridless, day, night, snow) and 49 assets ready to use on Roll20 session. 

Exceptionally mean and insolent bandits inhabit the cave system near the city. No one knows where the entrance to their hideout is, how many guards are guarding and what treasures they are collecting there. Time for an expedition!

The rustling of the water mixes with people’s voices and crackling fire. The cave is a safe place for people hiding from society. Outcasts, bandits, or those who had to run away for various reasons – this is the place they can call home. Living the life on the edge of the law is not easy. Murders, hijacks, robberies, they often are

the matter of life or death. Renegades have to abandon well-known rules and form their own, as they created their own society. Residents have their own structures – leader, workers, guards, someone has to look after kids if they are any here. All those people have their own stories and belongings, so this cavern is full of surprises! Rumors says that water from here has some magical properties…

We encourage you to write your own story for the people living here. Maybe it’s a dangerous cult or refuges from another country destroyed by war or cataclysm? Or they were following their leader, who promised them better lives? 

But sometimes players prefer classic dungeon crawler, dropping dead bodies in great numbers! You can add some vicious creatures sharing space with the bandits, living next to each other bounded by some unwritten pact. Trolls, goblins, wolves, anything that comes in handy.

In the top left corner you can spot a table with a map. Give it to your players as a next quest! Our high-res maps are great to use in real life and on platforms like roll20, designed by players for players. We hope you and your party will enjoy our maps as a quality addon to the campaign.

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