The Last Bridge Battle Map

„The Last Bridge” [50×30] is the second free map this month. We got for you 72 map variants (PNG / JPG / PDF) and 42 assets for your favourite Virtual Tabletop (Roll20 / Foundry VTT).

Far, far away, somewhere between two villages, there’s a bridge. Very old, stone bridge. Today it’s falling apart, but dear adventurer, it has a story like any other!

People say that a long time ago one of the rulers was on a mission, hunting a powerful artifact that could give immortality and strength. During this adventure he had to overcome various challenges and obstacles.

Battles, traps, the king and his comrades were able to finish them all, but here, on this bridge, they met a powerful wizard. At first he tried to smite them with fireballs and lightning, but when they finally managed to come close, he gave them the hardest riddle in the world. 

Well, there’s no much more to add to this story after, because noone found any trails of this party any further. I want to believe that they were able to finish their quest, maybe the king is still walking on this earth?

But hey! From more recent history, when I was young we had a troll terrorizing us. Huge like a mountain, stinky as a thousand of mules and dumber than a tree stump. We had to pay him in food if we wanted to cross the bridge, but after the war, when the army came to take away our supplies we had to do something. 

So we invited the troll to our village and promised him a feast if he could help us. These warriors were running like crazy! Luckily our huge, hungry friend decided to run after them, so we got rid of both problems.

For a coin more I can show you an interesting cave located few minutes away from here, are you interested?

We would like to present this high-quality map of the bridge, suitable for every kind of adventure. Ambush, trade, maybe your players would like to go fishing? Everything is possible and we think this small map will be a great addon for your story.

The Last Brigde Battle Map
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