Treetop Village Battle Map

Hey everyone! Welcome to „Treetop Village” [30×38]! This week we have 36 map variants and 49 assets for Roll20 or your other VTT.

You are walking in the woods, there’s no one around, but in the corner of your eye you see movement in the crown of the trees… When you finally stop to examine what caused that movement you feel something stinging your leg as your vision goes blurry.

The hearing comes back first. Muted voices are starting to connect with faces looking straight at you. Elder man holding spear sees you opening your eyes, trying to focus on the surrounding.

“They are awake, take them to the Priestess”

Priestess? Is it possible that you finally found who were you looking for?

When they drag you across the wooden platforms you see packs of supplies, sleeping bags and long tables set with fruits, meat and nuts.

All these wooden platforms are connected with the biggest one in the center. The sight of a tall tent made of white leather brought back a deeply hidden feeling. This tent looks like… home.

When guards cross the bridge and toss you on the ground, part of the tent opens up and the delicate face of a young woman, surrounded by golden locks peaks from the inside. She’s here.

Your sister is here.

Diana speaks to the man in an uncanny language, but they set your hands free, and in a second you wrap them around your sibling.

“Come on, let’s go inside. You have to tell me everything” she tells and drags you inside. The smell of flowers and elixirs is overwhelming – in normal circumstances it could be calming, but in your situation it makes you feel only worse.

“Sister, I would love to tell you my whole story, but I’m running out of time. You are the only person I could think of, who can help me with… this”

After those words, you take off your glove, revealing hand corrupted by magic. Veins glowing with dim blue light looks mesmerizing, but this close gives away its true nature.

“I know it can be hard. I know noone trained you to deal with things like this, but you have a gift like noone else. I beg you, I need your help”

She seemed to not hear your words, hypnotized by flows of magic in your body.

“Oh my dear, you are not the only one who obtained new skills. When I ran away I saw how powerful I am, how much I can grow. I’m no longer this little girl. I’ve seen true darkness and true light and fear not, I am willing to help.”

We present you a map of the hidden village and some story to bring some life to this image. It’s going to be great hideout for outcasts or elven outpost deep in the woods. 

We hope that you and your players will enjoy this map as we did during creation!

Treetop Village Battle Map
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