Burned City Battle Map

Hi! We proudly prestent „Burned City” [50×30] (58 map variants and 51 assets), one of the most tedious, difficult, demanding maps we have created. A huge number of details created so that you can fully feel the chaos and destruction of the burning city.


The history is written by the winners, but if you are reading these words you can hear the voice of the humble man, who tried to describe these events as they were, in their true form. We were living in peace – humans, elves, halflings and others, building a community of free thinkers, philosophers doing no harm to our brothers and sister from other cities.

We were gladly sharing our crops and thoughts with travelers, some of them were deciding to stay with us, because they finally found a place they could call home. But peace cannot be everlasting, right? At first we saw black clouds – they were far, but ashes were flying with the wind towards our city. After few hours soldiers were visible with the naked eye. Dark armors with red robes were marching in our direction.

At this moment we knew that peaceful times are over and we have to run. Elders decided to stay, to protect the retreat as long as they could. Magic was building up in the air as people were grabbing their essential belongings, just enough to survive, but then I saw something I will never forget. A huge, black dragon was hovering in the skies, with bright yellow acid dripping from its jaws.

Every single person knew in the spot that we have to run. We were on the road when they attacked. From the cartloads we saw huge explosions of all the elements – they were creations of our masters, trying to buy us some time. Army of constructs started marching on the streets, waiting for the danger.

The next minutes of the journey felt unreal. Looking at our homes being destroyed by flames and acid breath in addition to inhuman screams of dying monsters was like a bad dream. Years of building the community turned to dust in a matter of minutes. Right now, after few years I am still on the road.

I would love to settle down, but… I’m scared. I’m scared that the unnamed black army continues its destructive march. I have to tell the tale and warn others before the black dragon consumes them too.

Burned City Battle Map
Map variants

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