Gigant Bone Graveyard Battle Map

Hey folks! Today we have „Gigant Bone Graveyard” [38×30] map


Only gods are unaffected by the time. Greatest structures are falling apart and mightiest beasts are getting weaker with age, both of them turn to dust, just to be forgotten. But sometimes the world wants to share their secrets with the people currently living and prolong their history.

Battlegrounds, ruins and like this time – graveyards are found by travelers who create stories and legends about what they’ve seen. The old bones lost their whiteness, turning to more brownish colours and might be mistaken with the huge boulders scattered around the clearing.

But when adventurers come closer it’s clear that they are looking at the enormous skeletons of the fallen creatures. Historians might have heard about these monstrosities, but being able to see what’s left from them is another level of discovering the past.

Are they dinosaurs? Or dragons? Or some unnamed animals from the ancient times?  Place like this might be a great spot for someone who wants to use their power. Dangerous cult or powerful lich, trying to resurrect an undead companion, just to spread fear among mortals.

But it is believed that bones can be magical artifacts, so the graveyard of the fallen giants might be full of scavengers, treasure hunters and all kinds of weird individuals – be careful, they won’t be happy to share their spoil!  The world is in your hand and imagination is your ally.

Our description is just a suggestion, our vision for Gigant Bone Graveyard, inspiration for a story. We hope our background will help new game masters, and our maps will be a great addon for more advanced players 🙂

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