Oceanside Ruins Battle Map

Welcome to „Oceanside Ruins” [30×38]! Can you feel the breeze on your face? The ideal map for a maritime adventure or the completion of a great epic mission near the sea. This map has 24 versions and 19 assets (ready to use on Roll20 or other Virtual Tabletop).



So alone.

In my head this place is still full of life, sounds and colours.

But it’s all gone.

I remember the sound of seagulls mixing with children's laughs and fishermen’s screams,

living peacefully on this island. What happened to them? It was so long ago, I can not recall.

I guess I was one of them, trying to make ends meet, but what’s my name? Do I even have a


Sometimes I feel like I’m noone, sometimes I feel like I’m all of them.

Countless cycles have passed from the times of our glory, we’ve seen stones turning into the

sand, lives of thousands of creatures pass in front of our eyes, but we are still here.

Faceless, like the tides hitting the shore.

Why do gods don’t let us rest in peace? What’s our purpose in this world?

Is it punishment? Is it reward? What have we done?

I would love to remember.

Love? I felt something called love, but now the water is my only friend, it hugs my celestial

body every time when the cold drops touch the beach.

Can you hear me?

You are the first one who can hear me! From a very long time, nearly forever! If you are

looking for redemption I think that’s the right place and time.

If you help us we will let you go, but if you try to run…

We will rise

We will rise and strip you from your flesh, we will take away your bones and you will join us.

And we will wait again for someone who will hear us.

Maybe we will be louder with your voice.

The world is in your hand and imagination is your ally. Our description is just a suggestion,

our vision and inspiration. We hope our background will help

new game masters, and our maps will be a great addon for more advanced players 🙂

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