Wooded Swamp Battle Map

Hey everyone! Here is „Wooded Swamp” battle map [38×30].  This map has 24 versions and 27 assets (ready to use on Roll20, Foundry VTT or other Virtual Tabletop). 

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Journey for wisdom might be dangerous and lead through disturbing places. The young monk, he is the reason why we travel in the first place, woke up from his meditation and ran to the map and pointed to the depths of the woods.

We’ve saddled our horses and moved to our destination.

After many days, when we lost sight of the last city on our way we’ve entered the forest. At first everything was fine – we’ve met some wolves, deers, even a pack of goblins, but as we went deeper and deeper the ground was going more into the wet state. Fresh air with the scent of the grass and wood started to change into the sweet scent of mud and rotting plants.

Maybe I was going crazy, but when your only friend is a kid, who is unaware of the surroundings for most of the time it is normal that your mind plays tricks on you. The trees were alive, but… more than usual. They were moving as we moved, I can say they were forming new paths just for me and Altan.

Something was calling him, and he was responding.

The swamp has some grim beauty. Everything in the shades of green and brown is oddly calming, it’s like a glasshouse stretched out for miles. At night I heard weird noises – crying, howling, but when Altan was meditating all these sounds were going silent.

Back then I thought it was because of his magic monk powers, but when I asked others about changing reality and connecting with spirits on a level that high, they were so shocked that a 12 year old boy was able to do things like that.

I wonder what happened to him.

He asked me to leave him under the tree, the only one standing on the huge field in the middle of the swamp. Under my skin I felt this is the right place for him.

When he sat in the roots the whole forest changed.

Like someone tamed all the trees in a single second.

I know at which forest I left him, but I wouldn’t dare to come back. I was just a part of his journey, as well as he was a part of mine. When the right time comes – we will meet again.

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