Infested Crypt Battlemap

Hello everyone, this week’s map is the „Infested Crypt” [38×30] . Today we are presenting you a map ideal for an adventure under the surface, somewhere where the mystery and evil creatures lurk. „Infested Crypt” has 10 variants and 25 assets (ready to use on Roll20, Foundry VTT or other Virtual Tabletop). 

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Another day, another job. The innkeeper asked you to get rid of the giant rats from the basement – how did they get here in the first place? Does the wine have magical properties to make wild animals grow bigger? But this time when you go down there’s nothing beside broken kegs and spilled alcohol.

Or is it?

Flow of the air has changed and you spot the hole in the wall – did the rats decide to spread underground?

Squeezing through wasn’t that hard, with a sword in one hand and a torch in another you feel ready for an adventure!

The hole is very narrow, but after few steps it gets wider. It doesn’t look like a rodent’s work, these cobwebs hanging from the ceiling..? What is going on?

The floor is cracked and you can barely see next levels of this… cave? How deep is it?! Maybe there’s a safe way to go further?

But instead of a nice staircase you find a slimy, green ooze, spread on the floor as far as the torchlight can reach.

Something… something is moving?

Weird orbs, glowing with a dim, green light are sitting in the nest on the edge of the room, and when you make one more step, something moves under the surface in your direction.

It’s mesmerizing, but after first crack in those eggs you sprint to the basement, nearly falling down.

Familiar smell of the wine is blissful and calms your wildly beating heart. Who should you tell about it? The innkeeper, the mayor? Or maybe the guards?

There’s a possibility to handle it by yourself, but are you brave enough?

The world is in your hand and imagination is your ally. Our description is just a suggestion, our vision of The Infested Crypt, inspiration for a story. We hope our background will help new game masters, and our maps will be a great addon for more advanced players 🙂

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