Herbalist Garden Battle Map

Hello folks, this week’s map is the Herbalist Garden [38×30], another of the top choices from the last poll! This map has 22 variants and 42 assets (ready to use on Roll20, Foundry VTT or other Virtual Tabletop).

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Spring is the time when nature comes back to life and colourful flowers bring joy for the observers. For some people they are just a decoration, sign of the new season, but others are able to use them for better reasons.

People who don’t do the gardening just for the optical pleasure are using the plants for various reasons.

Some of them are growing their own spices, when others see the magic in the petals, seeds and roots.

One of them is Agness, the old lady in huge glasses, not very tall, but with a lioness heart! Listen to her closely, you can learn more about her garden.

“Very common magical plant is a poppy. Their lifespan is about a year, where they bloom, give seeds and die. You have to be patient and careful, the small mistake might cost you all the time spent.

Poppies are connected with the moon and sleep magic, the seeds mixed with hemlock, henbane, mullein, red sandalwood, and sagapenum are helpful when it comes to visiting the spirit realms. Be careful though, it’s very addicting and some day you may not come back!
Basic of the basics – white sage. 

It cleanses from every spiritual matter – good, bad, doesn’t matter. After using it your space is like an empty bowl, but nothing can stay empty for too long, am I right? If you don’t fill this space with positive energy even worse spirits might come! 

So dance, play music, burn some sandalwood, everything is fine as long as it’s done with a positive intention.

Next to it we have roses. What? A love spells? Your intuition is not bad! Yes, we can use them for strengthening the bond between the lovers – for this we use petals, but what do roses also have? Thorns! 

So if you take a jar with vinegar or lemon juice, dragon blood and thorns, put someone’s name in it and bury it in the ground, you can harm them very badly! But if you don’t use protective spells it can backfire, so I do not recommend curses for someone like you.

Huh? You are looking for something more… discrete? Follow me, I have something in the glasshouse.”

The world is in your hands and imagination is your ally. Our description is just a suggestion, our vision of The Herbalist Garden, inspiration for a story. We hope our background will help new game masters, and our maps will be a great addon for more advanced players!

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