Viking Longhouse Battle Map, a Collaboration with Adventure Music [FREE]

Hi! This week we have something special for you! Last free map this month „Viking Longhouse” [38×30] and our first ever collaboration! Music track by Adventure Music (we highly recommend visiting their Patreon account). 

Feel free to download map and music and use as a background for your next session!

 „Look at this old house. Seat of brave warriors from the north. Place to celebrate triumphs and mourn the dead. Built from old boats of the first settlers…

„Viking Longhouse ” map has 28 variants and 48  assets (optimized for Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, or VTT of your choice).

Adventure Music creates original instrumental music for tabletop games. We cover a large range of styles and feels so that each of our tracks has multiple possible uses. We have a monthly poll where patrons get to choose the music for the month. Besides our standard tracks we offer our base level patrons, there are also tiers for „looped tracks”and „expansion tracks”. Join us to get instant access to our back catalog of over 70 original tracks and expansions.

 „In the Jarl’s Court” is an epic battle/background track inspired by the strength and fighting spirit of the Vikings. The winter is the cold, the night is even colder. Inside the home 20, vikings sleep huddled together for warmth. The war horns startle them awake. This time its not the vikings attack, but an acient enemy attacking instead. How does this encounter end? 

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