Spooky Graveyard Battle Map [FREE]

Hello everyone! Halloween is coming up in a few days so you are probably busy slicing pumpkins and preparing costumes. Celebrating with you this feast of horror we have prepared the last FREE map this month – „Spooky Graveyard” (30×20). We hope you will like our joke – we did not want to make another serious map.

„Spooky Graveyard” map has 58 variants and 28 assets (optimized for Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, or VTT of your choice).

Apart from the map itself, thanks to the collaboration with Loot Tavern, you have a few, free beautiful items (with their descriptions!) at your disposal, which you can use in the set with the map!

About Loot Tavern: 

„Welcome to Lootavern adventurer, what’ll it be? A tankard of new homebrew races? Or for the more sophisticated pallet we have a growing selection of unique magical item cards? Homebrewed right here, more than 20 a month fully illustrated with descriptions and stats! Or are are you here looking for some sort of quest? We have plenty of options available for you to help take the pressure out of your prep. Here, take a look at our Patreon, err, I mean menu; everything is of the best quality and affordable to someone as seasoned as yourself.”  

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For exclusive map variants and even the PSD files, consider joining the amazing community that makes these maps possible:

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