Carcass Of The Last Titan

Hello, adventurers! This week we created a map called the „Carcass of the Last Titan”. A giant creature, made its last stand near a river in a calm valley… The map could be a great place to settle up a camp or have a little skirmish with those, who might have already found this place.

As the night falls down the shadow of this majestic, horned creature gets longer, still vibrating with the echos of the past.

Adventure hooks:

– Witch Keveana is looking for someone brave enough to bring her a fruit, growing only on the tree, that sprung from the skull of a legendary Balaer, who once lived in the most dangerous of the mountain ranges

– As you are travelling north, by boats, you spot a lonely creature, lurking amidst the bones of a certain giant beast. Surprisingly as you approach closer the little humanoid, wrapped in cloth shouts „Halt, adventurers! There’s no need to be scared of the great Odrog, for he does come in peace!”

– Huffan, your close friend, traversed into the wild two weeks ago. He promised to come back way earlier. You need to find him. Your only clue about his destination is the legends of the Last Titan that he used to tell and admire. You better find the beast quick…

„Carcass Of The Last Titan” [38×30] has 14 map variants (plus grid, no-grid, JPG, PNG and PDF versions) and 12 assets (ready for Roll20, Foundry or your favourite VTT platform).

This map will also be available in a dynamic lighting version prepared especially for Foundry VTT for Patrons with tiers $10 and $20!

PS Number of maps and their variants differ from tiers. You can change your tier to higher by clicking here

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