Hag’s House

Greetings, adventurers! This week we present to you the Hag’s House (FREE map). The legendary and unfamous location is said to be changing its location every night. The map was created with a boss fight in mind, although non-combat encounters may also work great!

In the stillness of the bog there is always almost visible tension, so get ready, because you might have just discovered its source!

Adventure hooks:

– As you wander through a more rough part of the swamp you spot a single hut, hidden amongst the trees… Something is off tho – along the road, there are iron cages with… children in them! One of the kids whispers to you with empty eyes „I see you, vagabonds, do not enter my realm!”

– Your mentor, Yaga, has accidentally dropped a jar with rare fumakko liches. They crawled away, all around the bog. If you find them all she might teach you another one of her spells.

– Some people tell, that every witch has a magical mirror, capable of granting wishes. Fortunately, you know one witch, called Germatha, living in the marches. She is said to be currently on a coven meeting in Greenbridge. It is a perfect time to see if the legends are true

„Hag’s House” [26×38] has 36 map variants (plus grid, no-grid, JPG, PNG and PDF versions) and 27 assets (ready for Roll20, Foundry or your favourite VTT platform).

This map will also be available in a dynamic lighting version prepared especially for Foundry VTT for Patrons with tiers $10 and $20!

PS Number of maps and their variants differ from tiers. You can change your tier to higher by clicking here

And there is more this week! We are excited to announce our collaboration with the wonderfully talented Tabletop RPG Music

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