Hello everyone! Our map for this week is the Elemental Mountain. This chaotic, unpredictable and certainly dangerous place is one of it’s kind, as it’s the only location in the world where all four elemental planes manifest their wild energies. From far away the struggling forces can be seen on the mountain peak, creating a real spectacle of lights and colours. As beautiful as it looks getting close is almost unsurvivable.

The map will definitely be a nice touch to the final moment of an adventure or even an entire campaign, as the location is truly epic and bursting with powerful energies. I will also do well as an odd and unusual place for the PC’s to visit.

Get ready for a unique hike, full of danger and wonder as you get up the Elemental Mountain!


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Adventure hooks ideas:

– Elemental monoliths, left by the ancient civilization of giants on the Crooking Peak, are said to possess truly immense power. They can open the passage to both splendour and doom, seen only in the deepest dreams. The gates are opened only during the solstice, so if the PC’s want to gamble their lives and see something truly original they should hurry!

– A rare creatures can be seen on the Elemental Mountain. Flame hares, tidal snakes and even rock dinobeavers – all of them are precious, as they make just perfect familiars. The problem is that omitting even their unnatural powers, in their habitat catching them is even harder. They use the elemental powers better than any other being and know their ways around the peek. Making either friends of them or some profit is a tedious task.

– The church of the ancients is preparing a grand ceremony, conducted once a year. Everyone from miles away is welcome to this uncommon rite. The foot of the mountain is filled with tents, carts and pilgrims, wanting to see the archdruid bind the extraplanar powers to his will. Unfortunately, there are rumours of vicious assassins, who might try to interrupt in the event.

„Elemental Mountain ” [34×34] has 8 map variants (plus grid, no-grid, JPG, PNG and PDF versions) and 18 assets (ready for Roll20, Foundry VTT or your favourite VTT platform).

This map will also be available in a dynamic lighting version prepared especially for Foundry VTT for Patrons with tiers $10 and $20!

PS Number of maps and their variants differ from tiers. You can change your tier to higher by clicking here

Map variants:


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