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Greetings folks! The sandy wind hurtles through dried-up trees, singing the song of an ancient forest. It is rumored that long ago, this place was a woods full of greenery. But, now, those days are long gone, and all that is left is the drought, dust, and scorching air. The unforgiving environment makes it a somewhat dangerous area to explore. The scowling of coyotes fills up the quietness, and dried trees won’t provide shelter both from harsh sunlight and intruders. How come you did end up in this wilderness?

This week’s map is the „Dried Groves„. This map lets you wander through unknown wastelands. You may end up here running away from gone-wrong encounters, or maybe you heard about the yet unexplored drylands and are hungry for mysteries and treasures.

Feel the harsh sun during the daytime, prepare for the freezing night and explore Dried Groves!


Adventure hooks:

  • A swarm of giant scorpions has been spotted venturing the drylands. A local witch has promised a reward and her unending gratitude for brave adventurers who will bring her the tails of the scorpions. You prefer not to think what she will do with the poisonous stingers.
  • There’s a legend about a treasure chest hidden in the hollow tree. Although finding the treasure went quite pleasant, legends forgot to mention the ancient guardian protecting the treasure!
  • It’s just too much. You’ve barely escaped the Desert King, and now you’ve ended up in this strange, dried-up forest. During the day, the sun is burning your skin, but nights are freezing cold. This place is full of skulls and bones. Wandering seems to be no-ending, but it’s already too late to turn back. As you start to lose hope, you spot an old, crumbling cabin. Who could live in such a Deadland?


Dried Groves” [33×62] has 8 map variants (plus grid, no-grid, JPG, PNG and PDF versions) and 7 assets (ready for Roll20, Foundry or your favourite VTT platform).

This map will also be available in a dynamic lighting version prepared especially for Foundry VTT for Patrons with tiers $10 and $20!

PS Number of maps and their variants differ from tiers. You can change your tier to higher by clicking here


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