Hello everyone!

We are coming to the end of 2021 – an exciting and incredibly important year for us. Today we’d like to tell you about what we’ve been working on for the past months. First of all, it was a Kickstarter campaign for „Never Ending Dungeons” – an AI-based adventure and map creator. We managed to raise $430K, and the campaign was supported by 6200 people! Thank you all very much once again! Probably many of these backers were people who support us here as well.
Another thing – we’re changing our map creation model. Starting in November, we’ll be charging you on a „per month” model (and not „per creation” as we have been doing). Why? First of all, so that you know what you’re getting from us and can be 100% sure that you’ll spend exactly as much as you planned. You’ve often asked us questions about „per creation” payments and asked us to explain how they work. So for the sake of your sense of control and security, we want to change the way you support us.
This is not the only change that comes with moving to a monthly model. This will allow us to offer you more maps (up to 15 per month) and additional content (such as adventures, tokens, and music) for the same price. We want to grow, and we want you to be a part of it!
The important thing that will happen after we change the model to Monthly! Those of you who are not currently on tiers 5$/10$/15$ will have access to Spellarena content for one month only (until the end of November 2021). After that time, you will have to move to a higher tier. But remember that these higher tiers are now on a per month model, so it will be cheaper!
Here you can read how the different tiers will look like:
Another point – we are changing the way we distribute our maps and content. For this purpose, we will use the MyAirBridge service that other creators use. This technology will allow us to provide you with maps more conveniently and efficiently.
VTT Foundry Backcatalog will be disabled at the end of November 2021, so hurry up to download the currently available maps. After that time, only the map sets you get as part of the Mage, Archmage subscriptions will be available. All previous VTT maps will only be available in our store.
You’ve probably also noticed that we’ve changed our graphic style. Our team was recently joined by an outstanding artist, Anna, who will be creating great maps for you every month.
If you have any questions about the change in billing methods, please contact us here or by email: artur@spellarena.com
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