Castle’s Underground

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Greetings folks! Every castle has its secrets, and most of them can be discovered in underground. Often these secrets are NOT pleasant, and even coin will not be able to reward you for the hardships you will face.

Adventure hooks:

  • A formerly dead cult has occupied an abandoned castle. They plan to use a sacrificial altar in the castle underground to bring back a lost god. You and your party are chosen by the goddess to stop their attempts.
  • Every night one maiden from a local village goes missing. After the daughter of your friend innkeeper disappears, you decide to get involved. All clues lead to a local castle. After some sneaking around, you find yourself in the castle’s undergrounds. The Queen sacrifices young maidens at the altar to keep her eternal beauty.
  • The Elder Dragon is said to reside in the vaults of a destroyed castle. It is said to guard a mountain of gold and other treasures.
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