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Greetings folks! Come and make yourself comfortable in the Queen’s garden. Few have had the pleasure of resting here, but all who have managed describe it as quite a magical experience. The Queen’s Garden is a little green paradise where all sorrows and worries seem far away.

Adventure hooks:

  • The princess sent you a letter requesting a meeting in the royal garden, with a note – urgent. The problem is that this is not an official invitation. You have to find a way to sneak into the garden undetected by the royal guards. There is little time left to make a perfect plan – the meeting is to take place tomorrow.
  • In the Queen’s Garden grows a magical flower with the ability to cure any disease. Your mentor has fallen sick; no one of the medics seems to know the cause or cure. You could really use some help from the magical flower. Unfortunately, the queen is not willing to share it.  Will you use your charm and words, or maybe less conventional methods? 
  • The Royal Garden has been overrun by Pixies! They’ve been playing annoying pranks on the royal family and refuse to move out of the garden at any cost. As you have the reputation of being specialists in impossible tasks, the King will reward you handsomely for getting rid of the problem. No matter how. The Pixies must disappear.
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