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Greetings folks! Welcome to the Grand Throne Room. Remember to bow to your King!

Adventure hooks:

  • A rumor has it that behind the throne in the abandoned castle is a mysterious hidden artifact. After reaching the castle, you discover that the throne room is not so abandoned. The late King’s ghost sits on the throne, and he won’t give up on his treasure without a fight.
  • Nobles and adventurers from all across the kingdom gathered for the celebration of the King’s daughter coming of age. The celebration goes on all night. But nearing the dawn, you hear a scream coming from the throne room. The King is sitting dead on the throne with a trickle of blood running from his mouth. The Queen can offer anything to those who find the responsible for King’s assassination.
  • An audience with the King is not always a pleasant experience. The adventurers are shackled together and forced to stand before the King and his royal guards. They must use their words and wit to plead their case and convince the King to free them, or they will remain in his dungeons forever.
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