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Greetings folks! The entrance to the castle. Always guarded by the best of the best of royal guards. No one will go unnoticed. So if you have any shady business, you better watch out!

Adventure hooks:

  • You are part of the royal guard and are on night watch on a bridge. You notice a small hooded figure trying to cross the bridge to the castle in a hurry. After stopping them, they turn out to be the Young Prince with a tiny baby gnome in his arms. With tears in his eyes, he asks you not to tell his dad about this.
  • You have been spying on the royal family for the past few months. Every full moon, you have been meeting with your quest giver to pass every bit of information. This night didn’t go according to plan. As you approach the bridge, you feel the sharp edge of the knife on your throat.
  • The castle is under siege. Overwhelming hordes of orcs are standing under the gates. The final battle is near. Only the true heroes and smart approach can save the stronghold.
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