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Greetings folks! A good meal and drink will give you the strength to continue your journey. You may also hear exciting information from other diners. They always seem to overshare after a couple of drinks.

Adventure hooks:

  • A man is lying with his head down at the table. After someone tries to wake him up, he turns out to be dead. He has in his mouth a letter in seemingly gibberish. One of your party members can understand it, though.
  • As you eat your supper, you can hear two drunkards talking about dragon egg hidden in local caverns. It can be just drunk man talk, but it does spark your interest.
  • You have magic cards that always let you win. The drunk men at the dining hall make perfect prey. Easy money. Until one day, you play with a woman you can’t win with. It always seems like the right hand, but it turns out to be another loss. You really want to expose her secret.
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