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Greetings folks! The royal courtyard is bustling with life. Every day hundreds of people from different corners of the kingdom pour through it. Merchants, brads, spies, and many more and less dangerous types.

Adventure hooks:

  • The courtyard is crowded. You try to get out quickly from the castle square with the queen’s stolen jewelry. At the gate, you realize that your pocket is empty and torn. You have fallen victim to a pickpocket. Will you manage to recover your stolen goods?
  • A Donkey in the courtyard started to speak. The Donkey is saying he is the crown prince and a mad sorcerer turned him into this form. The human Prince says he’s „the real one” and accuses the Donkey of lying.
  • You bought a gold bracelet with a sparkly red crystal in the royal marketplace. The price was surprisingly low, and the seller disappeared just as surprisingly quickly after the transaction. Turns out, the bracelet is cursed. And you can only get rid of the curse by selling it even cheaper.
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