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Greetings folks! The Kraken attack. Every sailor’s worst nightmare. Some captains are even afraid of saying this monster’s name as it brings terrible luck.

„Kraken Attack” is a map of December’s Theme Ships. During December, our patrons will receive access to various ship related maps. With this month’s set of maps, you’ll be able to sail into any campaign!

Adventure hooks:

  • The Kraken attacks your ship. Perfect. Exactly like planned. Now, all you need to do is cut a piece of its tentacles and sell it on the black market for a lifetime amount of coin. Oh, and also, you need to survive the attack.
  • You have been sailing for days and days. Everything seems to merge into one big blue mass. You haven’t seen the solid ground in a while. One night, rambling wakes you up. Giant tentacles of the Kraken are hugging your ship tightly. You either need to fight or try to escape, not knowing where the next island is.
  • You bought this ship exceptionally cheaply. It seems suspicious, but you decided to ignore it. Turns out every time you sail into the sea, a Kraken attacks your ship. And every time you survive the attack, the ship goes back to the docks in perfect shape.
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