Ancient Jungle Temples

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Greetings folks! Every adventurer is excited at the thought of abandoned temples. In their excitement, they forget about the traps, monsters and curses that may lurk in the temples.

„Ancient Jungle Temples” is a map of January’s Jungle theme. During January, our patrons will receive access to various jungle related maps. With this month’s set of maps, you’ll be able to play out the entire jungle campaign!

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Adventure hooks:

  • The artifact you found in the temple leaves your camp each night and returns to the temple. You have tried locking it in a chest for the night or keeping watch over it, but the person on lookout mysteriously falls into a deep sleep each time. Will you be able to uncover the secret of the mysterious artifact?
  • Once the home of a cult, the now abandoned, ruined temples continue to cause problems for the local druid clan. A monster living in the temples requires a sacrifice every full moon. If the condition is not met, torrential rains or clouds of insects haunt the druidic clan. . Due to an ancient curse, the druids cannot cross the temple threshold, so they have hired you to restore their peace. 
  • You have finally found a place where you can relax. After a long day in the scorching sun and steamy jungle, a dip in the water seems incredibly tempting. You are about to do it when you notice Grungs swimming in the river. You want to retreat quickly before they notice you, but it is too late. Grungs have surrounded you on all sides. 
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