Bridges over the Gorge

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Greetings folks! „Bridges over the Gorge” is the last map of January’s Jungle theme. Now you and your party can run a complete jungle session and live out some epic adventures!

Previous Jungle Theme maps: Jungle Stream | Ancient Jungle Temples | Lava River | Deep in the Jungle | Lake of Meyyotl | Misty River |

Adventure hooks:

  • You are on a mission, deep in a jungle, with your party when a pack of spider-monkeys attacks you. They knock you over, and as you’re trying to get up, your leg gets stuck between the planks of the bridge. You’re panickingly trying to break the boards, but they don’t seem to budge. And the bridge begins to make alarming sounds.
  • The riverbed went dry overnight, leaving many creatures to die. It is evident that magic was involved; however, it is unclear what happened. Clues of potions and ancient writings have been found on the ground. Some believe that a great evil has arisen in the land, while others believe that someone has been stealing the water from the river.
  • As you walk across a bridge, you find a letter hidden between the planks. The message reads in an ancient language, but the image on the seal is distinct. It’s a snake eating its tail. You feel like you saw this seal before. 
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