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Greetings folks! Settle down or take a dip. Lake of Meyyotl is not easy to find hidden behind cliffs and deep in the jungle. May as well stay here for a while.

„Lake of Meyyotl” is a map of January’s Jungle theme. During January, our patrons will receive access to various jungle related maps. With this month’s set of maps, you’ll be able to play out the entire jungle campaign!

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Adventure hooks:

  • The legend has it that in the darkest depths of the Meyyotl lake lies the statue of the lightning god. This god was a trickster condemned to everlasting torment in the depths. Pulling the statue out from under the water will end his eternal suffering and start a new period for all. The trickster will surely reward his saviors. 
  • The Tribe of Lizardfolks keeps their baby pet dinosaur by the lake. You’re supposed to „rescue” one and bring it to a local wizard. Apparently, they are kept in horrible conditions and abused, but they look well cared for and… happy to your eye. You’d be tempted to take one in yourself…and the Lizardfolks aren’t looking now. 
  • Witch Keveana is looking for someone brave enough to bring her piranhas from Lake of Meyyotl. Piranhas must be delivered alive and in good shape. She forgot to mention that they are four times larger than regular piranhas.
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