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Greetings folks! The heat emanating from the lava is unbearable. You don’t want to be near the lava river, but in its own way, it mesmerizes you with its danger and beauty.

„Lava River” is a map of January’s Jungle theme. During January, our patrons will receive access to various jungle related maps. With this month’s set of maps, you’ll be able to play out the entire jungle campaign!

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Adventure hooks:

  • You are being pursued by a primitive clan of natives. You could not communicate with them. They took you as a threat that must be chased away immediately, with pitchforks, shouting, and pursuit. There is a river of lava in front of you! You don’t know whether you should run to the right or to the left, but you realize that you are surrounded on all sides after a while. The only thing left is to try to cross the lava river by jumping over rocks.
  • The river in the middle of the jungle has undergone a magical change. Instead of water, it is filled with lava. This is a crisis for all the nearby villages that have lost their water source. An old sage says that a mad witch is behind all of this, and she did it as revenge. He needs help to stop the witch once and for all.
  • The mushrooms you found in the cave can only be eaten after being submerged in lava. After consuming them, you reach a higher state of concentration, and your mind is open to new and exciting experiences. After your recent adventures, you could definitely use some rest. Apparently, there is a river of lava in the middle of the jungle you are in. You hope to find it. 
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