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Greetings folks! Once swamps, now ice-covered streams. The thick ice is safe to walk on, but still, every louder sound sends shivers down your spine.

„Icy Crossroad” is a map of February’s Winter theme. During February, our patrons will receive access to various winter related maps. With this month’s set of maps, you’ll be able to play out the entire campaign in Winter Wonderland!

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Adventure hooks:

  • The dwarves of the mountain have lived in isolation for centuries. They’re now looking to establish trade routes with the human villages in the north. With its thick, impenetrable ice, the Icy Crossing seems like an ideal route if it weren’t for two things – the place is occupied by orcas, and large rocks block the way on South. Dwarves will warmly reward those who solve both of these problems. 
  • The annual sleigh race is about to begin! This year Icy Crossroad has been chosen as the route. Prepare well your reindeer and other creatures to pull the sleigh. This year the Queen of the Elves has prepared a special gift for the winning team.
  • Traveling through an icy land in the snow, you find an injured white wolf. His paw is stuck in a bear trap. You carefully get him out of the trap, but unfortunately, it is already too late. At least you think it is. The next day, in this place, instead of a wolf, you find a young man with white hair that looks very much like wolf fur. 
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