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Greetings folks! New month, new theme!

„Winter Glade” is a first map of February’s Winter theme. During February, our patrons will receive access to various winter related maps. With this month’s set of maps, you’ll be able to play out the entire campaign in Winter Wonderland!

Adventure hooks:

  • Winter glades provide the ultimate test of spirit for adventure lovers and survivalists. Only the most resilient can endure. The frost will bite your cheeks, and deep snow is up to your waist—no food, shelter, or fire. The ice goddesses will greatly reward those who survive three days.
  • Deep in the northern lands, ice flowers are starting to bloom. They grow in small patches hidden beneath the snow. Rumor has it that the flower’s petals can be used to bring back life to the dead. But it is not known in what form the dead will return. 
  • Your friend went missing during a snowstorm. His winter coat was found in the glade pierced by an arrow made of pure ice. You start searching for him, but you realize you’re being followed as you go.
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