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Greetings folks! The snow is almost up to your knees, and it is hard to keep walking. The surface of ice shines blindingly in the sun, but you can’t help but think that it is beautiful.

„Frozen Lake” is a map of February’s Winter theme. During February, our patrons will receive access to various winter related maps. With this month’s set of maps, you’ll be able to play out the entire campaign in Winter Wonderland!

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Adventure hooks:

  • There’s a legend about the Golden Fish, a mythical creature that lives under the ice. It shows up every full moon when the moonlight hits the ice surface. Local rulers are willing to do anything to capture the Golden Fish. 
  • Bathing in ice-cold water cleans your mind, spirit, and body. It grants you cold resistance and opens your mind to see things that no others can see. At least, that’s what Winter Elves say. But first, before you can jump into the water, you need to figure out how to cut through meters of rock-solid ice. 
  • The Druid leader was gathering herbs when he was shot with an enchanted arrow. The arrow caused the druid to slowly turn into a bison. He became angrier and angrier each day, until one day, he completely lost his mind and joined a herd of bison. The druid clan knows no way to reverse the transformation and asks you to find the archer who delivered this unfortunate fate for their leader.
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