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Greetings folks! The frost-covered plants and trees sparkle in the sunlight as you head deeper into the mountains. You hear the crunching of snow under your boots as you walk along a path you haven’t walked before. You wonder- what secrets does the mountain hold?

„Snowy Cave Entrance” is a map of February’s Winter theme. During February, our patrons will receive access to various winter related maps. With this month’s set of maps, you’ll be able to play out the entire campaign in Winter Wonderland!

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Adventure hooks:

  • As you travel along a mountain trail, you find the scales of a white dragon in the snow. Rumor has it that the white dragon is long dead, but the higher you climb, the more a feeling of unease overwhelms you. You see giant paw prints in the snow and hear a roar just inside the cave entrance. The dragon is not happy that someone has decided to visit him. 
  • Rumor has it that a coat made of Yeti fur will make you never feel the cold again as long as you wear it. A lone Yeti lives in a cave on top of a mountain, and you’re tired of the constant freezing and cold of the northern lands. 
  • The blizzard was unexpected. The snow is so thick that you cannot see a foot in front of you, and everything starts to blend together. You try to stick together, but the raging wind makes it difficult. Suddenly arrows start falling on you, a whole swarm of arrows. You cannot see your opponents, but you know you must act quickly. 
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