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Greetings folks! The tavern is quite loud and a fancy place. Rumors come at you from all sides, and you can always meet interesting personas here like the man in the corner who seems to be staring at your every move, or the waitress who just keeps on pouring more ale even though you’ve already had more than enough.

„Winter Tavern” is a map of February’s Winter theme. During February, our patrons will receive access to various winter related maps. With this month’s set of maps, you’ll be able to play out the entire campaign in Winter Wonderland!

Winter Tavern comes with three map options:

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Adventure hooks:

  • Bard walks up onto the table, red wine in hand, and sings. His voice resonates deep inside you, almost like a prophecy. You’re drawn to it and cannot look away until he finishes. When the song ends, he collapses and seems possessed.
  • You’re in a tavern having a few drinks when you see a man playing cards with another man at the table beside you. You start watching the game and see that one of them is cheating. He’s using sleight of hand to get an advantage over his opponent. You decide to help his opponent by distracting him while he cheats.
  • Seeking shelter from the cold, you stop at a tavern. As you sit by the fire, a patron grabs you by the arm and says, „you’re the hero type, I can tell. I need your help. I’ve been stuck in this tavern for the past few years and cannot leave.”
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