Cliff over the Frozen River

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Greetings folks! The air is still, and your breath makes a fog that hangs in the air. In the distance, you hear a low growl. You look down at your feet, and you’re standing on the edge of the cliff. The frozen expanse stretches out before you, so far you can’t see where it ends.

„Cliff over the Frozen River” is a last map of February’s Winter theme. Now you and your party can run a complete winter session and live out some epic adventures!

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Adventure hooks:

  • You’re walking through the woods, hunting for food, when you stumble across a small fishing boat stuck on a chunk of ice in the middle of a frozen river. You find a few bags full of gold hidden in it. 
  • You take part in a hunting contest organized by Dwarves. The one who gets the most skins wins a weapon made by a Dwarven Master. All weapons are allowed, both in terms of hunting and reward. 
  • You try to cross the ice, but your boots keep slipping. With small steps, you get closer and closer to the cliff, but under the surface of the ice, you notice a face. It’s frighteningly similar to yours. You read their lips as they try to tell you something. As you begin to understand their word, the ice beneath you starts to crack.
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