Inside the Abandoned Mansion

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Greetings folks! New month, new theme! We welcome you to the Abandoned Mansion. This is the map theme that you have chosen in our poll. Thank you all for your participation, and we wish you truly terrifying campaigns. 👻

„Inside the Abandoned Mansion” is a first map of March’s Abandoned Mansion theme. During March, our patrons will receive access to various horror related maps. With this month’s set of maps, you’ll be able to play out the entire campaign in Abandoned Mansion!

Adventure hooks:

  • You have been invited to a party, but you find that the mansion is abandoned upon arriving. As you explore the main hall, you notice traces of dried-up blood and thick layers of dust on the furniture around you. As you are about to leave the place, you see that the main door is closed shut and will not budge.
  • You never signed up for a game of cat and mouse with a serial killer. When you took that quest, you looked at it dismissively. Just some kid playing scares in an abandoned mansion. But now, while you hide under the piano, cold sweat runs down your back, and you curse your past self. 
  • At first, when you heard that you were inheriting an old mansion, you were not happy. Why do you need an old, decaying building? But now, after discovering that along with the house, you got a dozen ghost servants, who are at your beck and call, the situation seems more desirable. But why do you sometimes feel threatened in their company…?
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