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Greetings folks! Do you feel the shivers down your spine? Rumor has it that necromantic rituals were performed hundreds of years ago in this graveyard. Some stray souls still find no peace and are bound to the Cursed Graveyard for eternity.

„Cursed Graveyard” is a map of March’s Abandoned Mansion theme. During March, our patrons will receive access to various horror related maps. With this month’s set of maps, you’ll be able to play out the entire campaign in Abandoned Mansion!

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Adventure hooks:

  • Ah, there is it – your grave. It has your name, portrait, and date of death from over a century ago. Yet you are standing here alive. When you touch the tombstone, visions flash before your eyes, and the whole world goes black.
  • Night after night, the graves in the local cemetery are being dug up and desecrated. The Graveyard Keeper is nowhere to be found, and in every dug-up, there is a weird sticky gloop. You lean over the grave for a closer look and suddenly feel a dull blow on your head.
  • In the middle of a dark and eerie graveyard, something stirs. The vampire was undisturbed for centuries, but now someone has stumbled upon his tomb. His slumber has been interrupted. Now he hunts for anything that comes too close to the graveyard.
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