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Greetings folks! After perhaps a few drinks too many, you decided to explore the mansion independently. Reaching the lowest level, you didn’t know what to expect and what you saw froze your blood in your veins.

„Mansion’s Dungeon” is a map of March’s Abandoned Mansion theme. During March, our patrons will receive access to various horror related maps. With this month’s set of maps, you’ll be able to play out the entire campaign in Abandoned Mansion!

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Adventure hooks:

  • As an Afterlife detective, you often have to visit unpleasant places, and you are currently in one of them. Ever since you took your first step into the mansion, you shivered. In the dungeons, you have found absolute carnage. The victims’ spirits have been tied to their skeletons and cannot peacefully cross the gate of the Afterlife. You try to communicate with them, but no sound comes from their mouths.
  • You have been locked in a cell in the dungeons of the Abandoned Mansion. You do not remember how you got here. Your only companion is a skeleton sitting in the corner of the cell. In his hand, you notice a piece of paper that says: „Search the left side.”
  • You have hidden among the corpses in a chamber in the dungeons. A white sheet covers you, and you hope that it will give you adequate cover from the patrol searching for you. With each passing moment, you are becoming more and more sleepy. It’s as if someone or something is sucking the energy out of you.
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