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Greetings folks! Can you feel the breath of sea air? Welcome to the Port!  It’s rumored that the Pirate King once resided here, but the locals deny it. Still, if you look some of the fishermans in the eyes they seem a little bit dangerous. Maybe the Pirate King is hiding among them.

„Meliland Port” is a map of April’s Town theme. During April, our patrons will receive access to different town locations maps. With this month’s set of maps, you’ll be able to play out the entire campaign in a small town!

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Adventure hooks:

  • A captain who disappeared a few years ago arrives one night in a small boat. He’s missing a few fingers, and when you try to talk to him, you notice that his tongue has been cut off. He shows a gold coin with a symbol that reminds you of something you saw in the past.
  • Adventurers Guild is looking for new members! All you have to do is prove your proficiency in four skills: combat, boat racing, craftsmanship, and of course, drinking a whole barrel of wine.
  • The armory, a secret place where weapons are stored and cared for, is looking for a new blacksmith. The old blacksmith recently retired and left the position open. The armory has employed you, and it is your job to make weapons and take care of them. Unfortunately, the weapons get covered in rust every night, no matter what.
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