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Greetings folks! St Athuneya Church is where all are welcome, no matter your past, present, or future. Anyone is welcome to explore the teachings and attend the sermons and rituals. Some of the people go there, hoping to find the answer of their secret prayers.

„St Athuneya Church ” is a map of April’s Town theme. During April, our patrons will receive access to different town locations maps. With this month’s set of maps, you’ll be able to play out the entire campaign in a small town!

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Adventure hooks:

  • The bell that is situated in the center of the town has always been used to warn the people of danger. For the past few days, it has been ringing on its own. Some people say it may have been possessed by a ghost. You offered the Mayor your help, but he forbids you to go near the bell. 
  • The town folks have been giving sacrifices to their Goddess for generations. However, their Goddess demanded human sacrifice on the last full moon, and no one could deny her wishes. The Priest is worried that his Goddess has been corrupted. H needs to find a way to save the village from her wrath.
  • Everything that the Priest says during his sermons comes true. The events he describes always happen, and everyone who attends his speeches knows this…but they don’t know how or why. Some are afraid he will abuse his power, but the Priest denies everything.
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