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Greetings folks! New month, new theme! This time we invite you to a small town. We hope that you will be able to discover all its secrets and your team will have a nice time here 🙂

„Town Hall” is a first map of April’s Town theme. During April, our patrons will receive access to different town locations maps. With this month’s set of maps, you’ll be able to play out the entire campaign in a small town!

Adventure hooks:

  • Working for a Mayor and doing paperwork every day, listing and sorting through boring letters is definitely not for you. You want to go on a great adventure, or at least do something slightly more exciting. Days go by until you come across something intriguing that definitely shouldn’t end up in your hands. The letter’s contents say something about a monster residing in your town. If only you could find the rest of the correspondence…
  • A great hero comes to your town every week and tells about his adventures, showing the loot he has managed to get. During one meeting, you touch his sword. You hear the sword speak to you: Release me.
  • Rumor has it that the well in the middle of the town courtyard grants wishes. You don’t believe it and throw a copper coin into the well with disdain. The following day when you pass by the well, it spits the same copper coin in your direction. 
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