Mountain Stronghold Ruins

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Greetings folks! Once a place watching over the peace between the people of humans and dwarves, now an abandoned ruin. Mountain Stronghold is badly damaged, robbed of all valuables, and overgrown by vines and weeds. After the war, everyone has forgotten about this very place, and its only visitors are cold mountain winds.

„Mountain Ruins” is a map of May’s Mountain Fortresses theme. During May and the beginning of June, our patrons will receive access to different maps of locations in the Mountain Fortresses. With this month’s set of maps, you’ll be able to play out the entire campaign in Mountain Fortresses!

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Adventure hooks:

  • It is rumored that a sword forged by the dwarven Master Blacksmith Kirdorlug Opalsword is hidden in the ruins of the stronghold. Many daredevils have tried to find it, but their efforts were fruitless. You are assured that you will not share their fate. After all, his descendant is among you.
  • Strange activity has been reported in the area of the stronghold and its surrounding. You and your party have been sent to keep a watch in ruins. Nothing seems unusual at first, just you and the cold mountain winds. But you feel the local birds watching you strangely. Their eyes seem too… intelligent. 
  • So it’s yours. The Stronghold. Passed from grandfather to grandfather, until finally, it fell into your hands. No one was willing to restore the ruins, a challenging mountain hike to get there and overrun with bandits and monsters. But you have a plan for how to utilize this place.
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