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Greetings folks! We’re back with a new map. Meet our new cartographer – Magda! In addition to Magda, Anna has also joined our team. She will be in charge of map design and story hooks.. Anna is a Dungeon Master with many years of experience, so her experience will be very helpful for us 🙂 We’re sorry for the delay but getting a new artist that will suit our style was no easy task. From now on, maps will be published regularly, so stay tuned for new maps 🙂

„Wizard’s Tower” is a first map of DM’s Essentials theme. With this month’s set of maps, we’ve prepared maps that every Dungeon Master should have at their disposal. They’ll be perfect for both one-shots and longer campaigns.


Visit Old Master Imogene’s tower where your magical wishes will come to life!

Or so said the pamphlet you read in town. Now that you’re actually in front of the wizard’s tower and knocking on the large oak door, there’s no reply. The door’s not locked though, and curiosity is stronger than your sense of danger. You enter and find yourself in a kitchen with a dining table. The remains of a meal lie abandoned on the table. The door to a storage room is ajar. But what are those purple stains? Looks like some sort of powder. The stains are also present on the stairs to the tower’s upper floors. And the master of the tower is nowhere to be found.

What a fraud! You won’t leave without having your wish granted through. You walk up the stairs. On the first floor there’s a small library with two armchairs. The suit of armor in the corner starts moving when you step lands in the middle of the floor – it’s animated!

After the fight, your feet carry you upstairs. On the second floor you find yourself in the wizard’s bedroom. So that’s what the purple powder was: the chalk with which a giant summoning circle on the floor has been drawn. And here lies the one who promised miracles too – the Old Master Imogene. He’s dead by the clawed hand of the demon inside the circle. Get ready for battle because the fiend is enraged – all it cares for is spilling blood!

At the top of the tower the beautiful view of the area takes your breath away. Yet you can’t help but notice the imps that the wizard has imprisoned in cages. A smaller summoning circle is drawn on the floor. Will you have mercy on the creatures and send them to freedom?

Adventure Hooks

  • You hear that Old Master Imogene who lives in the wizard tower an hour away from town makes love potions. A desperate noble lady who wants her crush to love her back hires you to fetch her a potion from the old man.
  • Howls and groans of something not of this world have been heard from Old Master Imogene’s tower. The residents of a nearby village want you to check what has happened inside the tower.
  • Old Master Imogene tasked you with collecting goblin ears for him for the latest concoction he’s preparing – a beauty potion, or so he claims. But when you return to the tower, the eccentric wizard is nowhere to be found.
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