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Greetings folks! „A Quaint Marketplace” is a map of DM’s Essentials theme. With this month’s set of maps, we’ve prepared maps that every Dungeon Master should have at their disposal. They’ll be perfect for both one-shots and longer campaigns.


Visit the marketplace of Averille and buy all manner of wondrous items!

One of the activities you most enjoy doing during your travels is collecting precious artifacts. But your last runs of clearing out the dungeons resulted in no exciting treasure. You did, however, earn a lot of money. Maybe it’s time to spend this small fortune on getting exactly what your party needs – extraordinary weapons with magical properties perhaps?

The marketplace in the town of Averille is known for sellers who carry many oddities. A ring that lets you speak a foreign language you’ve never learned? A shawl that makes you invisible? A tome that reads its contents aloud to you? Here you will find all these fantastic treasures and more!

“Thief!” Someone calls out, but you see no thief nearby. Instead, the guards who pour out of the alleyways point their spears at you. You’ve been framed! Will you be able to talk your way out of this situation or will you have to fight your way out instead? The space between the colorful stalls is tight. You’d better have a good strategy for close combat in the middle of the market, should the situation go south.

Adventure Hooks

  • You want to buy a magical item with all your hard-earned gold. You hear that the marketplace of Averille is a location where such artifacts are sold. You travel to the town and enter the market to browse the wares.
  • An old scribe by the name of Alison Torelle sends you to Averille to buy a tome that reads its contents aloud. The woman is old and going blind. She has nobody who can read to her. She couldn’t promise a great reward, but you were moved by her plight and decided to help her regardless.
  • You’re preparing for a heist and think the shawl of invisibility could make your victory easier. The item is expensive, but you hear it can be purchased in Averille’s marketplace. So you travel to the town and browse the wares.
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