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Greetings folks! „Bandits’ camp” is a map of DM’s Essentials theme. With this month’s set of maps, we’ve prepared maps that every Dungeon Master should have at their disposal. They’ll be perfect for both one-shots and longer campaigns.


Vanquish the evil bandits who attack and rob caravans!

For the last few months the roads between Old Wolde and Brightstream haven’t been safe. Bandits in groups ranging from five to eight members have been plundering the caravans traveling between these two major trading hubs. Finally the mayors of the two towns have decided they’ve had enough of the bandit threat. They’ve contacted you to get rid of the dreadful enemies.

You make your way through the woods to the bandit camp. It’s surrounded by a tall palisade, suggesting that the inhabitants aren’t planning to leave any time soon. Two humans stand guard in front of the entrance. You make quick work of them and enter the camp itself.

To the right are four tents around a campfire. The inhabitants come outside, weapons drawn, and attack you. The battle is difficult and bloody. At some point, from the larger tent in the back, the bandit chief appears and joins his comrades in the fight. He’s strong, and the swings of his battleaxe are deadly. But you prevail, and the fight ends with your victory.

When you look around the camp you notice cages with people inside. These are the bandit victims who went missing. They cry tears of relief as you open their prisons and let them out. In the back behind the tents is a wagon with expensive textiles, recently stolen. There are also numerous crates full of potions, jewelry, pottery, weapons, and pieces of armor. The bandits stole whatever they thought was of value. But now you will be able to help Old Wolde and Brightstream return these valuables to their rightful owners.

Finally the threat of bandits is no more, and all thanks to you, brave adventurers!

Adventure Hooks

  • Old Wolde and Brightstream, the two main towns in the region, have had their trade interrupted by bandit attacks on the road that connects them. They have asked you to locate the bandit camp and get rid of the enemies who disturb the peace of their traders.
  • A dwarven merchant called Dumas had his wagon full of expensive textiles stolen recently by a group of bandits. He will pay you handsomely for returning the lost property to his residence in Brightstream.
  • It’s bad enough that the bandits who are active on the road between Old Wolde and Brightstream rob wagons of valuables, but now they’ve started taking people prisoner too. An old woman who goes by the name Tasia has no money for the ridiculously high ransom the bandits demand in exchange for releasing her daughter Gia. An old heirloom of hers is all she can give you. She pleads for you to rescue her child.
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